Safety Net Connect Immunizations

The Client and their Mission:
After being awarded a technical innovations grant, the Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) of San Diego County was in need of someone to build an application to improve patient satisfaction and grant easier access to their services by creating an online appointment system. Infotech was approached to alleviate long wait times at public health centers for vaccinations while cutting overhead costs for San Diego County.

Why Infotech:

Infotech and HHSA previously worked together building an application that gave hospitals the ability to schedule follow up care at public health centers. HHSA knew that Infotech would again be able to combine their ability to come up with effective business solutions with their expertise in technology to create an application in line with their ultimate mission of improving patient care.

How the Application Meets their Needs:

Infotech was able to translate the needs of the user into two simple and easy to use interfaces- one for administrators and one for patients. What Infotech created gives HHSA administrators the ability to analyze outcomes and gauge effectiveness of the application. It also boasts a public-facing interface that is easy to use by English and Spanish speaking patients who can now schedule their own appointments. These changes have reduced overhead costs for HHSA and, more importantly, cut patient wait time down from several hours without any guarantee of being seen, to a manageable 10-15 minutes for their appointment. Read more about this successful application in this County News Center Article.