About Us

The staff at Infotech Systems Management (ISM) has been providing computer and network technology integration since 1988. Our objective in professional consulting is to assist you in integrating your computer systems with the latest software and hardware solutions for your daily business operation.

As leaders in Custom Application Development, we have designed various single and multi-user applications in the areas of student enrollment, accounting, budget forecasting, grant/fund management, and health care related information systems. All our applications incorporate intuitive designs to enhance usability while minimizing learning time for all users. In addition to providing effective database management tools, the staff of ISM are also experts in numerous software packages. This allows ISM to develop efficient and complete solutions tailored to your company’s needs. ISM strives for the highest standards in customer satisfaction on every project we undertake. Our extensive knowledge in hardware and software ensures we can develop, maintain, and improve all your computer applications.

Mission Statement

    Infotech's mission is to be an instrument of positive change for our clients and our community.

Core Values

    The Infotech way is an unreasonable commitement to excellence, empowerment and integrity.