Beacon SSO

In healthcare, time is critical—from when a patient is in need of care to when his/her treatment is complete. A patient’s health records play a major role during treatment, and being able to efficiently access these records is vital. Unfortunately, gaining access isn’t always easy. Viewing electronic health records (EHR) can be time-consuming for healthcare professionals as the information is spread across various systems and requires multiple logins. San Diego Beacon identified this problem and Infotech built a solution to save time for users, including first responders, doctors, nurses and more. As a result, the healthcare experience becomes a more positive one.


If a healthcare professional could gain access to multiple software programs with just one login, more time could be focused on helping people in need of care. Infotech designed an application to make this possible. With our SSO (single sign-on) Portal, patient health information comes together in one convenient place. Users can easily access multiple systems with one login rather than signing into a number of different sites to view the information they need to do their jobs.


Infotech’s goal when creating the SSO Portal was to make health information access as seamless as possible. Because health information providers speak different languages when it comes to authenticating users, Infotech carefully designed the portal so that it could be a universal translator and adapt to each source. This enables the portal to verify users’ identities, eliminating the need for them to have to log in to each system separately. Now, authorized users can access patient information from various clinics, hospitals and more, all with one login. Better yet, users can gain access from the SSO Portal to work with EHR programs which they’re already comfortable with. Just as important is the ability to easily add more information sources at any moment—another benefit of the portal’s unique design. The end result—Infotech’s SSO Portal makes information access easier than ever.