PERT Contact Log

The Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) of San Diego is tasked with accompanying law enforcement officers in the field with the goal of helping to manage mental health-related incidents and to refer individuals to the appropriate type of services on a case by case basis. PERT documents these cases, or contacts, so they can more effectively manage and follow up on them.

PERT recognized they had been using an outdated system to keep track of these contacts. Approximately 75 contacts each day were being manually recorded in Excel spreadsheets. Analyzing data and compiling reports meant going through pages and pages of printed material.

To make the data collection process more efficient, Infotech developed the PERT Contact Log, a web-based system in which PERT clinicians can easily input data from each contact. Authorized admins can then access each contact to review and edit as necessary, as well as digitally sign off on each shift after the review process is complete. Admins can also run a variety of reports at the click of a button and have full confidence that each report is accurate. The Contact Log continues to be a big time and money saver for PERT. The team can more efficiently analyze contacts with fewer resources and in less time and, in turn, provide better care to the individuals they serve.