When a person requires emergency medical care, every second matters. However, it can be time consuming for an EMT to complete patient paperwork by hand at the accident scene and deliver it to the nurse at the hospital or care center. This can cause delays in preparing an emergency room for an incoming patient. More importantly, it can waste precious minutes that could have potentially been used to save a life.


Infotech designed the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Hub, a program that allows nurses and healthcare professionals to evaluate an electronic patient care report (ePCR) well before the patient even arrives at the hospital. The EMS Hub can also transmit the ePCR so that it can be stored in the hospital’s emergency medical record system.

While an EMT or first responder is completing an ePCR, the information immediately begins to be transmitted to the EMS Hub so a professional can review a patient’s information—this includes dispatcher comments, vital signs, clinical data and even EKG images.


The EMS Hub is currently being used in hospitals in San Diego County. The software program allows for immediate delivery of rich patient data rather than making healthcare professionals rely on a slow paper-processing or fax system.

At hospitals, important patient information—such as chief complaint, the acuity of their condition, age and sex—is seen on a large monitor inside the emergency room. This gives the hospital a chance to prepare for the incoming patient and alert the medics to which room the patient should be taken to upon their arrival.

Quickly having access to patient data can make a big, sometimes life-saving, difference. The EMS Hub changes the way hospitals and medics prepare for these crucial moments.